Nikon Product Ambassador

Appointed by Nikon Asia, the D850 Pro Photographer and Z Creators.

Founder of Motion in Style

top 10 wedding cinematographer in Malaysia

Founder of Atlantic by Motion in Style

A young and creative team that promises boundless possibilities in commercial and corporate video production

Founder of

A wedsite with wedding related video contents, all in Penang.

Co-founder of PWPA

Penang Wedding Professionals Associations, to promote Penang as a premiere wedding destination.
Nikon - Wedding Cinematography Penang, Malaysia

Raised in a family dealing with Nikon cameras, Chin Siang gained interest and extensive knowledge in professional photography at an early age. Inspired by the emotions and uniqueness in wedding photography, he ventured into the field as a free-lance wedding photographer and later in 2009.

In year 2010, he realised there is something beyond photography, his imagination and idea lead him to venture into wedding cinematography. He then formed Motion in Style. His experience in the past years has spanned widely, proven by his creative portfolio which features successful assignments from cultural and modern day weddings to commercial shoot. His professional and personalized approach to his clients and tasks is clearly reflected in his work, but more importantly the relationship built with his clients. His works are able to reflect his personal creative views using distinct style and techniques and yet respects the requests of his clients.

Today, Motion in Style is one of the leading production team spearheading the commercial and wedding industry in Malaysia. With a vast collection of beautifully captured weddings, both local and international, their portfolio also includes an accomplished client portfolio featuring world badminton champion Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, respected minister YB Yeo Bee Yin, Hong Kong celebrity Mat Yeung and Lam Wai and Malaysia artists Moo Yan Yee and Suki Low.

In 2018, Motion in Style has extended their video expertise in commercial, events and corporate cinematography. As Atlantic by Motion in Style, they continually generate awe-inspiring works for big names like prime minister Tun Mahathir, YB Syed Saddiq, Air Asia’s CEO Tony Fernandes, Broadcom, Nikon, Ikea, IOI Properties, Ritz Carlton, Marriott and more. Nikon Asia has appointed Motion in Style as the Nikon D850 Pro Photographers and the Nikon Z influencer. Besides being recognized as Nikon ambassadors, they are also known as one of the top 10 wedding cinematographers in Malaysia.

As an extension of Motion in Style since 2010, we apply our expertise in video making to focus on commercial, corporate and event cinematography. 

Atlantic by Motion in Style strive to make your brand stands out in the swarming vicious competition. We aim to craft your story to connect your clients to your brand through dynamic visual telling.

Chin Siang’s dream doesn’t just stop here, he strives to make Penang as one of the best wedding destination in the world. He created a media platform to educate, guide newlyweds and feature everything about wedding in Penang. On top of that, he is also the co-founder of PWPA, Penang Wedding Professionals Association.

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