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During the past 6 months was quite hectic for me, I did a few wedding day assignments and I have no time to come to this site. Just share some of my photos in this post. Hope you like it!

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Right before from the Chinese New Year … …

Wedding of Eng Kok & Shirley Kwan

Wedding of Wong & Renix

Wedding of Cliff & June

Opening of Biogenics

Wedding of Seng Fuh & Yi Chee

Wedding of Jackie & Jessy

Birthday Party of Mr. Baldesh

Wedding photography of Carol & Jeff

Soon Poh & Ling Chie’s wedding photography

Wedding of Hean Seong & San San

Couple portrait of Mac & Jamie

Wedding photography of Adam & Iena

Dan & Celice’s wedding photography

Hean Seong & San San’s ROM

Bob & Sue’s Engagement

Wedding of Chong Khim & Lay Sim

Registration of Marriage of Chong Kim & Lay Sim

Uncountable shuttle clicks through out these events, various of happy moments captured, I am very happy that I have made new friends that make my life more wonderful! It was a memorable experience and I am glad that you all become part of my life 🙂

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