Few months ago, I visited Genting Highlands, City of “Entertainment”…… again.. 😛 but this time i bring my camera along to capture some photos along the trip..

We reached earlier that day.. and started with a coffee at coffee bean..

Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands

The interior of the room 😀

I think this is the best buffet in Genting Highlands – Coffee Terrace!

The variety of foods is amazing! They have local favorites and Nyonya foods, Western foods, Japanese foods, Western Asian foods, Chinese foods, Tandoori stuffs, salad bar ……

Nikon telescope or is it called binoculars?! located outside the restaurant..

Some photo sessions 😀

You must go there to drink some herbal tea + kuai leng ko.. it is worth it.. Somewhere near Genting Hotel/Highland Hotel..

Some other shots before ended up in “indoor theme park”

After that.. My camera stored in the safe box and we go to somewhere that we can’t bring the camera in 😛 Overall, it was a nice trip and we donated some money to the “future Genting development fund”.. Will visit again when I intend to do some charity.. it will not be fast because spent too much on camera stuffs d.. 🙂