Indian Wedding Cinematography – Dr Vicky & Dr Sham

Our first Indian Wedding! It was an eye opening experience which was exciting, fun and memorable. Our beautiful couple, Dr Vicky and Dr Sham, had a traditional Telegu wedding ceremony, and in this ceremony, traditional did not mean boring at all! It was fascinating to see that the proceedings went on so lively yet were all conducted with proper respect and true to their culture. There were some moments which we could not hold back but laugh with the crowd. Such as when the bride and groom each exchanged their flower garlands. During the third exchange, they each would briefly refuse to accept the garland from the other. This was something that we never fail to smile about even after repeatedly watching this clip. Being able to witness and capture the ceremony which has united them was just heartwarming and made this whole assignment a cherished one. Also, the fact that we received an SMS from the bride the next day saying that the video is SUPERB! was a huge encouragement to all of us. We hope that this SDE has captured all the special moments during their big day which will remain dear to them for many many years to come.

Shot by Albert Yap & Chin Siang
Edited by Chin Siang

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